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I aim to delight people with pleasant and decorative visuals, constructed with vibrant colors. I like to express energy through the color combinations, and pass on an optimistic view of life.

I change a lot from one phase to another. One period can be inspired by places, like Rio de Janeiro. Others are based on patterns taken from oriental rugs, mandalas, or inspired by artists such as Tarsila do Amaral, who was honored in a series called "Live Tarsila”. My influences are so varied that I couldn't possibly list them all.

There are no sketches, just research, and then I dive into the canvas. Behind each painting there is a story. My enjoyment comes from transforming it into images. I think it is a good way to connect journalism and art. I use acrylics because I put so many colors on a canvas that I need paints which dry quicker than oil. A recent series, “Crepe”, is based on stripes. While making stripes on a canvas, I decided to recycle the tape that would normally go in the  garbage, and reincorporate it into the final product. During the painting of each "Crepe" my studio walls become covered in tape, just like a Carnival parade.

Currently, I am working on a series called "Free Geometric" and exploring organic shapes. As the Brazilian painter Gonçalo Ivo once said, "I believe that there is a hidden geometry that underlines all the organic structures in the world".

My challenge is to reach synthesis in each piece. I think my slogan of the moment is "less is more". The shapes change, but the bright colors remain. That’s my signature.

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